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Have you registered your domain name yet?

If you run a business then a domain name can be added to your brochures, business cards, billboards, and clothing. This makes promoting your business easy as people will know how they can find you and will remember your name. Having a good domain name makes you look like an established business and will help you build trust with your customers. A domain name helps protect your brand, keeping it safe from your competitors.

It needs to be catchy and something easy to remember. Your domain name should say who you are or what you do, or as near to your business name as possible. Most of all a domain name should reflect you.

Make sure you:

  • Register your company or business name in popular domain spaces e.g.,
  • Register your product and service names e.g.
  • Register generic terms relevant to your business e.g.,,
  • Secure names in global markets e.g.,,,
  • If your preferred name is taken then search for an abbreviation, change the order of words around, add hyphens, or add your city, state, or country to come up with something unique.

Need for having a website!

  • Websites are easily found: People are using search engines to find what they need. If your site is stuck on the 12th page of results, there is a small likelihood of your company being found.
  • Your competitors are doing it. If some of your competitors show up before you in search engines, then it’s a safe bet that you could be selling more of your product if you ranked there as well.
  • It is a great way to grow your business. With SEO, you get to optimize your site for the type of clients you’re looking for. If there is an area of your business that you want to grow, get optimized for those keywords.
  • Secure Global reach: websites using SEO techniques will be found easily, generate more traffic and widen consumer audience. A website that ranks highly will have more accessibility and therefore have the ability to reach a wider audience.

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