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Customised Web Application Development

Whether you want to track enquiries on your website, setup contact forms, have an online shopping cart or you need to manage your entire business online, Skywalkers are experienced web developers and have the skills to design and develop high class web applications.


Over the years Skywalkers has gained extensive website development experience and industry knowledge. We have designed custom PHP web applications, e-commerce & cms portals for a wide variety of companies, all of which had unique requirements and needs.


Whether you are a small business, association or a corporate enterprise, our main focus is to provide your business with an online solution that is competitive, effective and that generates new customers. With either a content management system, an online shopping cart or just a standard business website, Skywalkers will make sure you are ahead of the rest.

Why Do You Need SEO?

  • Websites are easily found: People are using search engines to find what they need. If your site is stuck on the 12th page of results, there is a small likelihood of your company being found.
  • Your competitors are doing it. If some of your competitors show up before you in search engines, then it’s a safe bet that you could be selling more of your product if you ranked there as well.
  • It is a great way to grow your business. With SEO, you get to optimize your site for the type of clients you’re looking for. If there is an area of your business that you want to grow, get optimized for those keywords.
  • Secure Global reach: websites using SEO techniques will be found easily, generate more traffic and widen consumer audience. A website that ranks highly will have more accessibility and therefore have the ability to reach a wider audience.

Types of Customised Web Application Development

Custom Web Application Development

Skywalkers provides customised web development, with all of our websites being built according to your specific needs and requirements. Often there are custom requirements, integration to backend systems and multiple stakeholders to consider. We have designed custom PHP web applications for a wide variety of companies, all of which had unique requirements and needs. Customised web applications/components can be Dynamic Forms, Blogs, Polls, Slideshows, Image Galleries, Password protected areas /members sections, Forums /messageboards, Charts/Graphing,

Content Management System

A CMS allows you to upload and change the content on your website using only a standard web browser & it requires almost no technical skill or knowledge to manage. WordPress gives website owners greater control over the layout, functionality and content of their site. We works with all the main open source CMS systems ex. Joomla, Wordpress etc. that allow you to sell online, manage web page content, run newsletter campaigns, monitor performance and much more that you need for your website, ecommerce, blogs, online galleries etc.

Ecommerce Solutions

If you have an idea, a niche or a product that you believe could be successful online, Caboodle Web Design can build you a custom ecommerce solution that can have you rolling in sales in no time. We’ll develop any size online store, no matter how big or small. Our e-commerce package includes - Web design & development, payment gateway integration, shipping tools integration & full CMS to manage your online store. We offer a scalable open source platform which gives you the flexibility to grow your website without limitation, no matter how many products you introduce to your line.

Web Redesign & Maintenance

You may already have a design, but the web-designer/developer might not have enough skills to make it into a fully functional website. we can turn it into HTML & CSS, add contact forms and other methods of interaction. Skywalkers is available for redesign, updates, support and maintenance for your website, whether we designed it or not. With Skywalkers you can have the confidence and peace of mind of knowing that our experienced and friendly team are always happy to provide assistance and support for your website.

Why select Skywalkers as your Website Developer

  • Built to your requirements - We will discuss with you, in great detail, the functionality and specifications that you require for your custom web application.
  • Clean, efficient coding - Your application will run quickly and efficiently. We NEVER use deprecated functions. We use clean code, proper naming conventions and appropriate hidden commenting.
  • Future maintenance and upgrades - If your website needs maintaining or future upgrades, our developers can make minor to large changes to your application.
  • Whatever your size and budget, we can help - Whether you have a great idea and are looking to launch your online business, we can help you achieve online success.
  • Our platform works and is simple to use - The bottom line here is very simple, our sites work and they have better than industry-average uptime.
  • We care deeply about service - We treat our clients’ websites like our own, and will promote and protect them with care and responsibility
  • Our clients tell it best - Our proven track record and our large clientele list just speak for us.